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About Bent Tree

Welcome to Bent Tree, a community of pastors who are committed to supporting one another in their journey toward renewal and encouragement in their calling to serve Jesus. We are a network of men who have walked through storms, including burnout and the pressures of ministry, so we understand the challenges that pastors face. That’s why we are here to walk alongside you, offering fellowship and support as you navigate your own personal and ministry challenges.

At Bent Tree, we believe healthy pastors lead to healthy churches. Our mission is to provide pastors with the tools and resources they need to become healthy and whole, so that they can lead their churches with strength and vitality.

Everyone is welcome at Bent Tree, regardless of their background or denomination. Our only agenda is the health of your soul and the sharpening of your callings. We want to see healthy pastors leading healthy churches that are reaching the lost and equipping believers. If you’re a pastor who is struggling with burnout or the challenges of ministry, we invite you to join us at Bent Tree. Let us walk with you as you seek renewal and encouragement in your calling to serve Jesus.

Esprit De Corps

[eˌsprē də ˈkôr] : The common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group.

Before we founded Bent Tree, a few of us were campus ministers intentionally fostering esprit de corps by gathering 3-6 times a year for a total of four weeks each year. Over an average tenure of seven years, this created lifelong bonds that are not easily replicated outside of campus ministry.

In 2004, a few of us who had left campus ministry to serve in local churches attempted to preserve this sense of community by meeting up for a few days once or twice a year. Bent Tree is one of the initiatives striving to maintain esprit de corps among pastors who have experienced it and to establish it with other pastors who desire such relationships.

We are delighted that you have joined us. Although this began with former campus ministers, we welcome all pastors who are tired and in need of rejuvenation. We aim to make our events a source of respite that pastors can look forward to every year. Therefore, regardless of your background or denominational affiliation, we extend our warm welcome to you at Bent Tree.


David Wilson


Former RUF Campus Minister for Eleven Years at Georgia Southern University, Former Church Planter/Senior Pastor of Denton Presbyterian Church for thirteen years. Husband to Angela for 31 years, Father of five children ages 28-18.

Bent Tree has been a dream of mine for the past 13 years and with the help of many people we have been able to provide a place, events, and opportunities for pastors, elders, and their wives to minister to one another by reminding each other of their callings as spouses, parents, children, siblings, friends, and churchmen. Our goal is simple, healthy pastors for healthy churches to reach the lost for Christ and equip believers to serve. We would love for you to join us online, or at one of our events, trust me it is the community of folks you’ve been looking for. We want to help you remember why you answered the call in the first place. If you want to reach me email rufbuz@gmail.com or use the Contact form.

Rev. Clifton Wilcox

Associate Director

Rev. Clifton Wilcox: Former RUF Campus Minister for eleven years at the University of Florida, Former Church Planter for Gulf Coast Presbytery (Circle PCA) for ten years. Husband to Julie 39 years, Father of three grown children and grandfather of five.

I think I had to be one of the first guys to benefit from the ministry of Bent Tree before it was even known as Bent Tree. Buz had a passion for reaching out to other church planters and I cannot count the times he was there for me in a pinch. The Esprit De Corps we both enjoyed in RUF was missing once we moved to the oftentimes lonely calling of solo pastoring, and over the years Bent Tree has organically formed into an ever-growing union of God’s servants who are there for each other for prayer, counsel, brain-storming, or just plain gut-honest venting. I count it a privilege to serve this ministry which strengthens the church by coming alongside its leaders. You can reach me at cwilcox@pcanet.org.