Esprit De Corps

[eˌsprē də ˈkôr] :The common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group.

As a former campus minister, esprit de corps was fostered, by design, by making us be together as campus ministers 3-6 times a year totaling up to 4 weeks each year. Multiply that by an average tenure of 7 years, and you get life long bonds. This does not happen outside of campus ministry, so in 2004 a few of us who had left campus ministry to serve the local church tried to keep alive the esprit de corps by getting together (if only for a few days once or twice a year). Bent Tree is one of the efforts that is trying to maintain esprit de corps among those pastors who have known it and build it with other pastors who long for these kinds of relationships.

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